Who We Are

L. Michelle Glover - President

Michelle has been the President of Land Mechanic Designs Inc. since 2006.  Her extensive experience involves accounting, scheduling, contract budgeting, marketing, advertising, job safety inspections, bidding and estimating various jobs, and office management.  As a Woman-Owned Business (WOB), Land Mechanic Designs Inc. is certified as a Historically Underutilized Business (HUB).

Lloyd Glover - Vice President

Lloyd started Land Mechanic Designs, Inc. in 1986 as a small grading and clearing company and expanded the business to include landscaping and irrigation work.  Along with these services, he became interested in Stormwater Maintenance and Stream Restoration which led to the first Stream Restoration project in 2005.  Lloyd's responsibilities include, but are not limited to: performing and/or coordinating all land disturbing activities, laying out stream work, checking grade, installing structures, assembling crews, bidding and estimating new jobs, attending pre-bid meetings, starting projects, operating equipment, coordinating materials, surveying, landscaping, evaluating all job sites, vendors and suppliers for 40+ stream restoration, bio-retention, and wetland restoration projects since 2005.

25+ Years in Grading Industry
Operates All Types of Heavy Equipment
Completed North Carolina State University Stream Restoration Construction Training Certificate No. 117 (2005)
Completed North Carolina State University Stormwater BMP Inspection and Maintinance Certificate No. 330 (2007)

Charles Hill - Senior Project Manager
Johnston County Soil & Water District Supervisor

Charles has been with Land Mechanic Designs, Inc. since 2002. As project manager, Charles' duty is to coordinate daily activities of all crews on all projects, perform and/or coordinate all land disturbing activities, lay out stream work, check grade, bid and estimate, attend pre-bid meetings, evaluate all job sites, and correspond with on-site engineers, project owners, suppliers and vendors.

Started as Lawn Maintenance/Landscape Supervisor
Extensive Background in Farming and Land Disturbing Equipment and Activites
Completed North Carolina State University Stream Restoration Construction Training Certificate No. 158 (2005)

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